Angie and Shawn Blomberg of Ultra Violet Fever are a power duo you will be glad you witnessed first-hand. Angie is a one-woman band on her own: rockin a suitcase kick with her right foot, trashy tambo with her left foot, strummin guitar, rippin harmonica, and beltin’ smokey soul inspired vocals all simultaneously. But just wait till Shawn matches her fire with his own smooth guitar stylings or perhaps groovy bass lines with honey sweet harmonies blended perfectly. Shawn patiently waits for prime opportunities to sling the guitar behind his back to wail on his sax sending this power duo into hyper drive straight out of this stratosphere. This is Americana Soul at its finest. Sprouting from the Heartland of America, these Midwest musicians know how to tie it all together in a song and will leave you wanting more.”

All photos by Aurora Adams of Fates Photo. Check the link for more of her work.