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Howdy Folks!
Shawn and I are back from our Cosmic Joint Tour Southern Run 2017! Boy oh boy did we have blast. : ) We spent the first part of tour making our trek down south playing shows in Omaha, Oklahoma City, Austin, and Dallas. We had great response at all our shows. My favorite on the way down was in Oklahoma City. We played at a hookah lounge on Valentine’s Day (how romantic) ! When we arrived to check-in and set up, they realized they had accidentally double booked the night with belly dancers! Classic mix up, right?? Well we rolled with it, traded sets with the dancers, and shared a set towards the end where they bellied danced to our music. It was very entertaining to say the least. Definitely a night I won’t soon forget.
   Second part of tour consisted of us being beach bums gettin sunkissed in the sand of South Padre Island. It was great to get out of the MidWest Winter for a bit and feel the hot sun on the skin and water on my feet. The third part of tour was spent in Dallas, TX. We had quite a few shows in Dallas. Dallas was eatin us up! We even booked two shows for that leg of tour while on tour. A couple coffee shops reached out to Shawn wanting to book while we were in the area. Dallas treated us well, and we are looking forward to getting back down that way.
We are now back home, working on mixing/recording for Ultra Violet Fever’s full length album (with full band) that we are pushing to be done later this summer 2017. We are also currently working on a live album of UV tunes to be released sooner than later. Anyday now really. It will be an album comprised of a handful of our tunes written over this last year that we have been performing. It will consist of three of our members under the moniker “UV Trio”: Angie Lambrecht (me) -vocals, guitar    Shawn Blomberg- Bass    Randall Wood- Keys.
The three of us (Angie, Shawn, and Randall) are also heading out tomorrow night for a “Mini Joint Tour Bonanza” slightly East. We are touring under both music projects again. This time as trios!
Shawn Blomberg and the Bi-Polars      (Shawn Blomberg WebSite)
UV Trio
“Mini Joint Tour Bonanza”
UV Trio w/ Shawn Blomberg and the Bi-Polars
 Thurs 3.23   Davenport IA @ New Ground Theatre 7pm
    Fri   3.24   Chicago, IL @ Sylvie’s Lounge 9pm
   Sun  3.26   Indianapolis, IN @ Coalyard Coffee 3pm
It will be short-lived, jam packed with adventure, and most likely coupled with some unforgettable moments. Please come out if you are in the area! We would love to see you and play for you. If you know anyone in the area, please send them our way!
I would also like to express my gratitude for everyone who supports us. It is very fulfilling to have as much love and support from our friends and family that we receive. We cannot do what we do without the likes of special folks like you! Everyone is a key player on the UV Team, I cannot wait to get you all this music that we have been pouring into! Thank you for believing in the dream and helping us live it.
If anyone would like to donate to our tour or recording process, you can do so through our paypal link, any and all donations are greatly appreciated! We also have shirts available for purchase. If you are interested in our merch, please email us at and we can get you set up.
Thanks again Ya’ll!!
See you on the flip side!
Much Love,
Angie & Shawn

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