“Ultra Violet Fever brings you Americana soul folk and blues music from Sioux City, Iowa. Mainly touring/performing as a duo, soul-mates and recently engaged Angie Lambrecht (vocals/guitar/uke/piano/vibraphone/harmonica/drums/percussion) and Shawn Blomberg (vocals/bass/guitar/piano/uke/sax) live, write, travel, and explore the great realms of our universe through music, love, and the bare necesseties with their beloved pup and PR manager, Zephyr. When the stars align, Adrian Kolbo (Lead guitarist/vocalist/bass) and Randall Wood (Keys) join forces with Angie and Shawn, creating beautiful magick in music to give to all willing to listen. Shawn and Angie released an EP “Ultra Violet Fever” in 2018 as a quartet with Wood and Kolbo. UVF has since re-recorded 8 out of the 10 original tracks and released the album onto a limited edition vinyl “Epimedium Sagittatum” in June 2019 with Las Vegas drummer, Carl Collison. Angie and Shawn thrive on the gypsy life-style and live in their RV while on the road, giving them the freedom and inspiration necessary to create art. Travels also allow them the ability to personally deliver their heartfelt songs in hopes of connecting with individuals in need of something real, raw, and emotionally charged in this world stricken by faux ideals, superficial greed, and corruption. Currently on the road and by taking one day at a time, Angie and Shawn want YOU to come along on their journey. They are asking for your kindness, love, and support. In return, YOU will be apart of the dream. Your support would help them continue along their way to give them the freedom to inspire, create, spread love, peace, and happiness in this beautiful world to help bring a little bit of change we all so desperately need. In 2019, UVF toured the SouthEast extensively, released a limited edition vinyl, breaking into new territories and turning more heads. They have opened and shared the stage with greats Shannon Curfman, John Primer and the Real Deal Blues Band, Ken Valdez Trio feat. Brian HardGroove of Public Enemy, and Big Head Todd and the Monsters. UV was the first band to perform for legendary music festival, Bonnaroo 2018 and headlined the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Festival 2018 2nd Stage. UV performed for the USA TODAY sponsored event “Food Truck Mash UP” series in 2018. DIY, UV takes pride in being independent as artists and are in constant motion to take it to the next level. A few key musical influences of the band are Ryan Adams, Sublime, Janis Joplin, Shakey Graves, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Blind Melon, RHCP, Susan Tedeschi. If you are looking for a swift kick straight to the feelz, Ultra Violet Fever has the music for you. Smooth and groovy, we know how to bring you dat Sioux City Soul”



Angie Lambrecht : Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Vibraphone, Piano, Bass, Percussion, Harmonica



Shawn Blomberg : Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Piano, Ukulele



Adrian Kolbo : Vocals, Guitar, Bass



Randall Wood : Keys



Carl Collison : Drums




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