“Ultra Violet Fever is a RAW folky-blues soul act from Sioux City, IA. UV is an ever-evolving project founded by lady Angie Lambrecht whose soul-drenched, blues inspired vocals rip through the cosmos! Angie Lambrecht and partner, Shawn Blomberg, live, write, tour and travel together finding inspiration on the road and at home with their beloved cat, Bradley. The duo gigs regularly throughout the year with the addition of lead guitarist, Adrian Kolbo, and keyboardist, Dr. Randall Wood, when available. Entirely DIY, UV takes pride in being independent as artists and are in constant motion to take it to the next level. A few key musical influences of the band are Ryan Adams, Sublime, Janis Joplin, Shakey Graves, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Blind Melon, RHCP, Susan Tedeschi. If you are looking for a swift kick straight to the feelz, Ultra Violet Fever has the music for you. Smooth and groovy, we know how to bring you dat Sioux City Soul.”

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